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Top 5 Movie Download Sites
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I - Movies Unlimited
This is one of the best movie sites out there. This site virtually has everything. It is very easy to register here and to figure out how to navigate through the site. More importantly, there are newly released movies, video games, and computer software all at your finger tips.


I - Movies Unlimited

Satellite PC TV
This place has over 80 million movies that you can download. They specialize in movies and also offer TV shows as well. You could get lost in a place like this if it wasn't for their "state of the art" searching feature.


Satellite TV PC
movie downloads
Legal Movies Capital
100% Legal Movies. That's right just login and and instantly watch over 10,000 movies instantly. You can watch them streaming or you can download and burn them to CD or DVD. This is the fastest way to watch a movie online. Easy. A+++


Movies Capital
buy download movies
Unlimited Games
Download all of your favorite PSP games, applications and software here. If you have a PSP then you need to be signed up as a member of this site like yesterday. Save thousands from retail prices.


Unlimited Games
Sharing Zone
The sharing zone is one of the best software portals on the net. The software comes from users like yourself and because of that, you can find almost anything you are looking for. Ranked #5 because you have to dig a little which is still well worth the effort. read more below...


Sharing Zone
download online games

Here are the 5 best movie download, software, and games sites available. They have the best selections, unlimited download options, and the lowest prices. These are the only 5 you will ever want to look closely at, as they provide virtually every product you could possibly download using the internet. These sites are also very easy to navigate through meaning you don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure out how to open an account. These sites have provided the best customer feedback from thousands of responses. This is what you are looking for.

You can use the online kiosk to buy great movies from blockbuster. The audio digital quality of most rented movies is very good. You can even find Chinese movie uploads, some are very popular. You can find out about almost any film at the imdb (internet movie data base). Online renting at blockbuster video is fast. Statistics reveal that the lenght of time to make a movie download is much shorter than in years past.

The dot com world has become where movies are often viewed. Netflix allows you to have loads of movies sent on the same date, ten or more. Codex is a decoder that allows your media device read the data, any image, to see the content.  Make a list of films in a folder and the block out films when you see them. Using the internet you can download an old soundtrack instead of buying the cd at x  store. Hugh Grant is a top actor found in many shows. I used a coupon to get free movies from blockbustervideo club. check out

Intelliflix is a lesser know place to get movies. You can order Christian movies at video stores everywhere. You can watch a movie with your psp player. There are links on many sites that will lead you to movie trailers, top dvd’s and even ringtones. If you make comparisons you will find that even the cheapest computer will be sufficient to download movies on. Many people are not sure if it is legal or illegal to download movies.

Blockbaster will let you convert an online rental to an in store return. Most of the classics in the movie industry are made in English.  There a many flixs about drugs that you can buy from video kiosks everywhere. Making a copy of many downloadable movies to dvd is possible. The Netlfix web site allows you to rent films from the web. Netflix also provides direct downloads, or streaming video, with a huge library. Over 100 genre of films to view or show your friends are available, everything from horror to action to Bollywood films.

The one exception would be adult films. They are dominating Blocbuster at this point. The length of time to burn music is very fast; burning movies takes a bit longer. Netflix online movie renting service has eliminated late fees. The net is now like a movie and gaming pharmacy service, you can look down a list of demos and trailers of tons of games and films. You will often be able to downloadmovies as part of a websites rental sevices with current films from the USA available. Hastings is an online smorgasbord of books, music, movies games etc.

Exceptional services in this gallery of choices bring many converters to this type of web store. Your windows media player now can be a moviedownload entertainment center, viewing a movie, a clip, or a streaming video. Streaming and unlimited-downloading make prescriptions to blockbuster unnecessary. The Nexflix company is a store of downloads/movies that you have access to even if you are on vacation. Top title releases to share with your friends from moviedownloads. In 2008 we see that netficks is leading blockbluster. You can look for movie streaming on this site -

The Netflix domain is the new avenue to the movie world. A lovefilm, foreign film, any download you want is available online. Most sites or clubs have a great guide for finding the films. Netflix wins when rating the best www movie sites. So plan watching legal download flix soon. There are forums that post the best dowlaods used online. See trailers online before choosing a movie to see. The movie download business has the power to stay, and is the wave of the future. A recorder or burner will complete your line of dvd movies from downloaded content.

Mail delivery sends your movie home from the top online sites now. Movie downloads that sell are always available for purchase with a good search online. Some subscriptions can get you all the music games and moviez you can handle even the movie Kazaam. There are free downloads online, or you can watch a free stream of a TV series, even Desi Arnez on the Lucy Show. Blockbuster dvds are not that cheap anymore, the game is up for them. DIVX , MPEG and MP4 are all a version of video formatting.

A new Hollywood release is always showing up quickly online. The top 10 or even the top 99 can be found. PSP uses a propriety software format called umd. People using linux have no problem downloading movies. Buy movies wholesale online for the whole family, just watch out for a scam. Go ahead and chart and the compare sites to find a sale or download membership with great videos. Hollywoodvideo has had a reed of success


About Movie Download Sites

Using the best movie download sites are one of the latest ways people access movies. Many of the top sites offer unlimited access to top movies. You can then burn the best movies (in unlimited quantities) to a DVD or CD. This is becoming one of the top ways people are accessing films these days. If you have an IPOD or a PSP you can download unlimited content to these services as well with one of the best movie download sites. You won't need to rent a movie, or have a service to get movies once you are set up to download movies. You can find top films to watch from online services all over the internet. These services are developing into a huge industry. People want to put a movie onto their IPOD or PSP and store it for future movie going. This beats having to go rent DVDs/CDs at the video rental store. If you get the services up you can also burn movies (instead getting rentals) if you have a top of the line set up. The best movie download sites offer you everything you need to avoid the movie rental services and instead you can go online and get unlimited top films to burn ( in unlimited amounts) to DVDs or CDs. Online services are popping up everywhere online that provide an answer to renting DVDs/CDs. Not only are people learning to download unlimited movies, you can also download unlimited games from the best sites. PSP games are very popular these days, and having access to unlimited games is very appealing. You can now get the top PSP games online and won't have to rent or buy them. This is much better than renting PSP games all the time. You can then burn these games to a DVD or CD. Rental services might become a thing of the past. Why would you rental services when you can use your IPOD or PSP and get unlimited files? Video renting services will now have to battle this unlimited access competition. "Unlimited" is tough to compete with no matter what services you offer.You can download tons of top quality stuff to you IPOD. You can load up your IPOD with music, or a movie and even games. You will find that going online is the best way to access the best IPOD downloads and accessories. There are literally billions of files available online to load into your IPOD. IF you rent games and films these days, do you think this is the best option? With all the improvement online, you can now stop renting, stop paying these rentals services, and start downloading your movies and games from top online sources. The best movies and games are now available to get online. Not only can you download them onto your computer, you can also download items onto you IPOD or PSP. This is where the latest advancements in online technologies have taken us.Why go and buy a CD or DVD when you can find them online. Use your computer, IPOD, and PSP and store these files that you can get online. This is one of the best solutions to building a top quality library of films, music or games (that you can put on DVDs or CDs). No more rental services, no more going to the store to buy the top CDs and DVDs, just load the best of everything (unlimited amounts) onto your top of the line IPOD, PSP and computer.It would be best for you to get on top of this situation and start to see what services are out there. We have listed the best movie and gaming download sites online (imagine unlimited downloads versus using rental services). Take advantage and see if one of these services is right for you (so you can quit renting).

They really have of services lot to offer, and you could be downloading the best movies, and burning unlimited DVDs/CDs before you know it. Then you can say good bye to DVD/CD rentals, or any subscription services. Check out our top selections, we think you will be glad that you did. It is usually a good idea to look for a movie download rental service.